Traditionally reared, grass-fed, carefully hung and expertly butchered Barfield's beef makes for supreme eating.

We work with farms who raise native pure bred herds and where animal welfare is paramount. Unlike many butchers these days our meat doesn't come to us in a box - we work with the whole carcass which means we can offer you the full range of cuts.

Diced beef
Cut from the shoulder of our grass-fed dry aged beef, this lean meat is perfect for those slow cooke..

Chuck steak
Bursting with flavour and one of the most tender cuts for braising. Cut from the shoulder of our 28-..

Short ribs
Dry-aged short ribs - they can be slowly braised or cut thin and barbecued Korean style. An economic..

Steak burger
Barfields famous steak burgers made with a carefully selected blend of cuts from our dry aged beef...

Beef stock (660ml)
Hand crafted homemade stock will take your gravy to the next level! Marrow bones from our naturally-..

Beef bones
Perfect for making your own stocks and soups. These bones arw from our own grass-fed native breed be..