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Chorizo de la Rioja - cooking chorizo
This amazing artisan cooking chorizo is perfect for creating authentic Spanish flavours. They are in..

Free range chicken wings
Cut from our free range additive/anti-biotic free Creedy Carver chickens these chicken wings are a d..

Meat for a week
This meat pack is the perfect selection of premium quality free range meats to see you through the w..

Pork neck fillet
Pork neck fillet is one of our absolute favourite cuts. It is jam packed with flavour having the per..

Premium steak pack
A mighty collection of the finest of our dry-aged steaks. Hung on the bone for a minimum of 28 days ..

Thrifty steak pack
The thrifty steak pack, while being cheap, is still packed with flavour and contains three great cut..

Belly of pork
This once ignored cut of meat is now a real favourite. Coming from free range pigs that root around ..

Boned & rolled leg of pork
Cut from our tasty free range Sussex pigs, expertly boned and rolled leg of pork is a cheaper altern..