Thrifty Meat Pack

This Thrifty Meat Pack brings a real bang for your buck. It includes all of the below with a recipe suggestion which is enough for 6 meals for 4 people.
1 x small chicken
- Recipe suggestion: cook roast chicken, use the carcass and left over meat for a chicken stock to make a noodle soup
250g pork mince & 250g beef mince
 - Recipe suggestion: bolognese or meatballs in a tomato sauce with your favourite pasta
400g of quick fry beef strips
- Recipe suggestion: beef stir-fry with spring vegetables
140g  cooking chorizo  / 250g diced pork
 - Recipe suggestion: pork and chorizo stew with butter beans served with rice
6 x pork sausage
- Recipe suggestion: A classic sausage casserole, mashed potato and greens


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