• Our Suppliers

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Our aim is to source the very best meat.

The relationship we have built up with our suppliers over the years is fundamental to what we do. Knowing where our meat comes from means that we can guarantee that only the finest meats will make it on to your plates.

Grass Fed Sussex Beef and Lamb

We source our beef and lamb from small farms that graze their animals on the lush green pastures of the South Downs. Working with native breeds, the cattle and sheep raised on traditional grass-fed systems, produces exceptional tasting meat.

Given the locality of our shop and the stunning quality of the produce, it makes sense then that the vast majority of our lamb and beef comes from the rich and verdant farmland of the South Downs National Park.

Free Range Sussex Pork

We source all our pork from Andrew Laver’s farm in Horley on Surrey / West Sussex border. These truly free range pigs can be found roaming the fields. These pigs enjoy a decent life. They are born outside in insulated huts and live in the fields for their entire life. In summer they bathe in mud wallows to protect themselves from the sun. In winter they are provided deep beds of clean straw for them to bury themselves in to keep warm. These pigs are a Welsh / Landrace cross. These breeds confer great qualities on the pork producing succulent and tender meat.

Fosse Meadow

Fosse Meadows Farm produces free-range, slow-grown chickens all year round. The traditional French breed chickens are slow-reared to full maturity, (to 81 days), with access to mobile sheds during the daytime when bad weather occurs and overnight for protection from foxes. They are fed an additive-free ethically sourced diet with full access to wild flower pasture and hedge rows, roaming freely, scratching around in the clover fields and at the bottom of trees and hedges.